Wrong Side of Uranus

The Wrong Side of Uranus currently hosts 7 different patches based on sample rate and resolution reduction. Check out the demonstration video to see all the different possibilities.

These are sold out now. I am planning a third revision for mid/late winter 2012. Stay tuned.

The pedal has an expression pedal jack which can be used with 0-5v CV or expression pedal.

Link to user manual.

A full video demonstration using a keyboard:

"Blipo" mode on guitar

Also here are some links to samples people have forwarded me:

Sam Binder on the track "Sporting Chance"


Kevin notes use of it "in Hemlock Receiver from 1:11-1:35 you can particularly hear the Fax
Machine pedal and the Bit Crusher is all over Night Barber and in various places on
Tonight The Dead Walk from 1:50-2:37 & the choruses."

Here's the original green guy for reference.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for providing clear information on this. you can also refer Crusher Manufacturers.

lag2501 said...

Any plans for a new run of these?

Head Rush said...

lag2501 I am selling mine, comment back if interested

Lowell Levene-Sims said...

What are you asking?