Monday, January 11, 2010

Waking up on the wrong side of Uranus

please note this is an old blog post when i first released this. there is a much more updated video on the actual wrong side page here.

Here is a bit crusher/modulator i came up with.

It operates off 3 knobs: Volume, Rate and Resolution. So far I have about 5 modes that are cycled by depressing the resolution knob. Here are some videos. Sorry the sound quality is not super hot (laptop toooo close to the traynor :(

Introduction video...

Here is a demonstration of the standard bit crusher mode. You can cycle from 1 to 8 bits of resolution and de-rate the sampling period.

Another mode called Autorate. The rate pot controls an LFO that controls the sampling period. The effect is some nice vibrato on the aliased tones.

Folding mode is quite noisy (particularly on this mic) but it creates overwhelming harmonics as the resolution decreases. Makes a nice distortion sound when the bit resolution is high. Blurs to static when the resolution is low.

Stairs arpegiates the sound somewhat. Much more soothing sounds than folding. Makes nice ring modulated type sounds. The resolution knob works exactly as in bit crush mode and the rate knob controls the period of each tone.

DialUp is like folding only the resolution changes automatically. The period of each resolution change is determined by the rate knob combined with the input signal. This makes it somewhat random but around a mean value proportional to the rate knob position. For now the resolution knob is inactive in this mode.

More modes are being worked on but i am trying to keep them somewhat diverse.

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