Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Recent FAQ

Why is your tictail webstore offline/missing/not on shopify?!?
Recently tictail merged with shopify, and as of April 1st the tictail platform is no longer publicly availble. Although shopify seems like a decent service, I have decided it is not for us and are working on a different solution instead. This will hopefully be live in the coming weeks. We will post the domain on IG ( @mtl.asm) and to the email list.

If you have any questions about a past tictail order, do not worry we have retained all the order information and store history, and can still retrieve any client info in the case of any issues with any past orders.

When will you make more Your and You're pedals???
We have a run in pink complete, it will be available as soon as we have a new webstore.

When will you have more 856 for ZELLERSASN available!??
We have just begun working on the next batch as of the beginning of April, and it should be available by the end of June/start of July. We also have a handful of units that might be available in early May.

We have also updated several things in the firmware. The new firmware will be posted online sometime in late April, it is compatible with all previous versions so that you can update your older version via USB.

When will you make more Count to 5??!
A small number of units will be out sometime in early May, then a larger batch in the summer sometime.

Is PURPLL a meme?! or will it actually be released at some point?!?
We will announce a giveaway on April 15th, then the pedal should be released for sale around April 30th.


Erik said...

Hi guys! Any luck with the new webstore?

daiku said...

Any update on the Count to 5 availability?

Scott said...

the new webstore it at