Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Recent FAQ

Here are some updates to FAQs

Can I prepay/pre order any pedal? Or get on a list?
We do not do pre orders anymore. The best way to know when we have stock is to check the store and/or sign up for the newsletter. If the store says we are sold out, we are actually sold out.

Do you ship to (insert country here)?!?
We are able to ship to almost anywhere worldwide including Europe, Russia, South east Asia, Australia, South America etc. I have yet to have an order from someone who lived somewhere we could not ship. Shipping rates for 1 unit are typically free for Canada, 15 USD for USA and 40 USD anywhere else for tracked air mail. Subject to change without notice, please check the price at checkout in the store.

Will you make more count to 5 pedals?
Yes, we should have another large batch available by late May 2017. We may have a handful in the store before then, but the next large run will be completed in late May.

Will you make more 856 for ZELLERSASN pedals?
Yes, we are building more now. There is no release date atm.

Will you make more Positive pedals?
Yes, we will have some in the store later this week.

Will you make the latest firmware available to people who bought the 856 for ZELLERSASN last October?
Yes, I will post the firmware with update instructions in the next week or so. Most notably it adds the midi clock in, a feature many people asked for, but the old units can also handle the new firmware (they are the same).

When will PURPLL be released ?
I originally hoped around now but it will be another couple weeks. We will have more clips available soon.

Will you make more Your and You're pedals?
We may have a few more scratch and dent available in the coming week or two. After that we may make a work a like that works better with cv/step controllers since this is not easily added to JH's original crash sync design, which is what the original yny is based off of. There is no eta.


Logan Severson said...

Did the positives ever go up in the store? I checked pretty frequently following this update and signed up for the newsletter and never saw any for sale. If they have yet to go up, when will they, and if they have, how long will the wait be for more? Thanks

Scott said...


Yes sorry they did not go up yet. I will post them next friday. Sorry for the mis information.

Karim Sharif said...

Will the Count to 5's also be posted on Friday with the Positives? Been glued to the computer waiting for them to drop, wondering thing same thing as Logan. Totally understand if you can't say. Thanks!!

Robert Thurman said...

Did they ever go up? I tried to check pretty often and never saw em.

Scott said...


@Karim, no the ct5s are still another week or 2 out. We will have them very soon though.

@Robert, no they did not go up, we will put them up this Friday for sure. Sorry for the confusion.

Scott said...

@Logan & Robert
They are in the store now (May 29).

Robert Thurman said...

Sweeeeeet. Buying mine today. Are there any demos of the puhzing online? If love to hear what it sounds like.

Scott said...


Yes we will have a demo up tonight. It is quite harsh and square wavey, like teh your and you're.

Robert Thurman said...

Any idea how much longer it will be till count to fives are in stock? Sorry I'm always bugging you about restocks its just been a couple weeks since the last update so I figured I'd ask. As usual no rush dooder just can't wait to buy your stuff.

Scott said...


No sorry they are delayed due to Murphy's law at the moment. We will send an email to the list when we have them available. You can subscribe a the top of this page.