Thursday, August 27, 2015

Recent FAQ


We apologize that we are a bit behind on emails as we finish up the end of this run, we will reply to each one in the coming day or two. To answer most of the questions more promptly, and to answer future questions though we are posting this FAQ.

I ordered a pedal in the May/June preorder and want to know if my pedal has shipped/if you received my payment?

If you have not received a shipping confirmation from the tictail store, then unfortunately it has not shipped. We are shipping in order of balance payment. Starting this Friday (Aug 28, 2015) we will be shipping batches every week day and likely finish the remaining orders sometime the following week.

As long as you have a paypal transaction ID or a tictail receipt your payment was successful.

I received my pedal but there is something wrong with/I don't understand the "Q" switch?

The Q switch changes the behavior of the DIR 1/2/3 knobs. To experience what it is doing you need to twist the DIR knobs. As a test, go to MODE 3, record  a loop, put the "E" switch up so there is only 1 head (easier to hear what is happening),  then play with the Q switch and the DIR 1 knob. For more details please see the manual.

I paid for a preorder but can no longer buy the balance item, what? :(

Please email me directly I will provide instructions, your preorder is still valid. I will get in touch with you within a day or two, sorry for the delays and confusion.

I signed up for the mailing list but did not get notified of the recent run, what gives man?

The item that was recently in the store was only for people who had made the previous pre order at the end of may. It was intended for them to pay the balance, it was not a new run and therefore there was no announcement to the mailing list. The mailing list is reliable.

Ok, so then when will the next run be announced/available?

We will open more orders sometime within the next week. Signing up for the mailing list is absolutely, positively, the most certain way to know when this happens. There is a box in the upper right of this page where you can do so, or if you are having trouble seeing it you can go to this link and do the same thing

Thank you.



Anonymous said...

Can't wait until the next line goes on pre order! Thank you for making such extraordinary pedals!

Lowell Levene-Sims said...

🔼 in complete agreement with above sentiment!

Anonymous said...

I hate my email provider now .. the notification about paying the balance was trapped by a spam filter and I only saw it the next day, otherwise the payment would have been made instantly. So I guess I'm last in line for shipping ... oh well, he who waits for something good ... :)

Kent Evans said...

looking forward to the pre-orders opening back up!

Anonymous said...

any update on when orders will reopen?

Scott said...


yes sorry, sometime soon. we ended up moving studios at the end of last week, so i am just waiting a few more days to settle in there and ship the remaining orders.


Anonymous said...

I'm on the waiting list for the next build...I think/hope. How can I verify or do I just wait to get an email letting me know ordering is open? Thx

Scott said...


you can try to subscribe again to the newsletter, if the email is already subbed it won't let you. Also maybe set a filter on your email to always accept from, this was an issue for 1-2 people last time.


Anonymous said...

Super excited for the next run! Hopefully, its out soon, can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Have the remaining orders been shipped yet Scott?

Anonymous said...

Hey Scott, when can we except the next set of orders to go up?

Nao said...

Hi, Scott. I emailed you about my order but I haven't emailed back yet. I have been waiting for the pedal more than two months. I wonder what happened to my order and how long I have to wait....?

Scott said...


I have no emails form you but i refund some payment to Nao Natakeyama. Presumably this is you.

Sorry for any communication problems but I don't have any emails from you.