Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Count to five firmware update 0.931 for Rev j board

This update fixes two small bugs in the firmware for the Rev j board (3 toggle switch version). If your pedal has not shipped yet it will ship with this version so there is no reason to update.

Changes/bug fixes:
  1. The "non quantized" quantization setting was not accessible in mode 3. This has been fixed.
  2. In mode 3 the punch in was not synchronized with the position of DIR 1 head. This has been fixed.
How to update your device:

You will need the following prerequisites:
  1. A windows based computer.
  2. A usb A to usb mini cable
  3. A count to five with a revision j pcb. The silkscreen will read "xyz rev j" on the pot side of the pcb in the corner. Please do not use this update on rev h/i  boards since the hardware is slightly different and your unit will not function correctly after updating.
  4. STM Dfuse software available (free) here.
  5. The new firmware release available here.
  6. A Philips head screwdriver.

Then do the following steps:

  1. Unzip and Install the STM Dfuse software and restart your computer if necessary. 
  2. Locate and load the program "Dfuse Demo (v3.0.4)". It should have the following path by default "Program Files (x86)\STMicroelectronics\
    Software\DfuSe v3.0.4."
  3. Disconnect power from your count to five.
  4. Remove the back plate by removing the 4 screws.
  5. Locate the mini USB jack which is beside the large IDC header close to the bottom of the pedal.
  6. Connect the usb cable to your computer and the pedal.
  7. Apply 9V power to the count to five. The usb cable must already be in place before powering up in order to communicate with the computer. Ie make sure steps 6 and 7 are done in the correct order.
  8. Windows should now detect the device. Allow windows to automatically find the driver online, it may take several minutes the first time you connect the pedal to your computer.
  9. Once the device is properly initialized go back to Dfuse Demo and click on the "Choose" button that is under the "Upgrade or Verify Action" section of the window (lower right). A window opens and you must select the firmware. Locate the firmware you downloaded with the .dfu extension from step 5 of the prerequisite.
  10. Click on the "Upgrade" button just beside the "Choose" button you used in step 9. A warning will come up about how the device is plugged in in dfu mode and it is impossible to know if the file is correct for the device... Click yes to continue anyway. Two things should happen in the progress bar now, first an erase, then an upgrade. Once the upgrade completes, disconnect the USB cable and power, exit Dfuse, then replace the backplate. The unit is now updated.


Anonymous said...

i think there's an error in the prerequistes item 3. the required board should be rev j, not "A count to five with a revision h or i pcb"

Scott said...



Jan-Paul said...

Hey man, now it says a revision j board, then it says don't do it if your board is a rev j board

w.smetak said...

Scott - having a bit of trouble updating the firmware. Downloaded and installed everything, file updated and so on - everything fine and according to what you wrote. But when attempting to update the firmware, the DefuSe software, from what I understanding, can't find the Ct5. The progress bar states: "Select one or several targets before". And that's about it. I've sent you a quick note on this. I'm probably doing something stupid, something I've forgot to click or so on. But am failing on what I'm doing wrong - if you can give me a quick hand here, it would be very much appreciated. cheers, s.

Scott said...

ok I have replied to your email.