PUHZING is a synthy, gated, fuzzed out, ring modulator. Somewhat of a ring mod brother to the Your and You're. It has 3 controls: DRY controls the amount of clean signal (unaffected input) in the mix, WET controls the level of the ring mod effect (processed signal) in the mix and and FREQ controls the modulator frequency. The pedal features an expression jack which can work with an expression pedal or a 0-5V CV signal. When a CV or expression pedal is plugged in, it acts as the FREQ knob, and the FREQ knob does nothing.

The pedal requires 9V DC power negative tip and consumes 30mA or less. It is true bypass and has a matte black finish with white text, knobs and led.

You may wonder also why the backplates are 2016 when this is released mid 2017. That is because we started this project last year but did not finish it due to other builds, but had made the cases already :/ moop.

May 29: We have some in the store now, however on this run the backplate finish of the text was a bit inconsistent so we are selling them for a bit less than planned. The tops have a very good finish but the backs turned out a bit worse than we hoped. Please take a look at this photo album for typical back finishes before making your purchase. All units are 100% functional, warrantied etc.

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