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Count To Five

Count to five is a unique delay/sampler that offers many sonic possibilities. These are best shown by demonstration in the videos above below. The video above was made by Knobs. They will be back in production soon, please sign up for the mailing list in the top right corner to be notified!

This is an expansion on my GB24 pedal made sometime last year. It is a lot more than just an update to the original pedal though so here is a breakdown of the similarities and differences. There is now a MODE switch that picks between 3 different patches.

Mode 1:
This is very similar in concept to the original GB24 except that now you can use the EXP switch to select which parameter the expression pedal controls. You can assign it to the read head direction, buffer length or feedback. The expression pedal cannot be used to control the mix unfortunately.

Also a bunch of people wished the direction/speed control could be quantized to musical intervals. Now you can achieve this by pressing the second foot switch and moving the DIR 1 knob. You can pick between 3 settings:
    1) No quantization (freedom baby, go from litereally a stand still to double speed forward or backward, just like the original, for those familiar)
    2) Quantization resulting in chromatic intervals across +/- 1 octave forward or backwards
    3) Quantization to only perfect fifths and octaves across +/- 1 octave forward or backwards

Mode 2:
This patch allows you to sample a clip and then play it back in slices. You can record a clip by holding down the secondary footswitch and then releasing it when done. As soon as you let go playback starts according to the pot settings. DIR 1 controls the playback speed/direction, LEN S (LEngth of Slice) controls how long of a snippet/grain to play and RAND (RANDom) controls the variability of the slice position. So for example with RAND turned all the way down the slice always starts at the beginning of the recorded sound, but as you increase RAND the start of the slice is picked more randomly from the originally recorded clip.

Once a clip is recorded you can either record another clip while the first one is still playing by holding down the secondary footswitch OR you can reset the record buffer by tapping the secondary footswitch. If the pedal is bypassed while a sample is playing, it will still be playing when you re-engage the pedal.

The EXP switch can again be used to pick which control the expression pedal replaces (DIR 1, LEN S, RAND).

Mode 3:
This patch also allows you to sample a clip for looping. You can do so by holding down the secondary footswitch. When you release the footswitch playback begins immediately. The controls for this mode are DIR 1, DIR 2 and DIR 3. Essentially now there are 3 playback heads running on the same clip. You can independently control the direction/speed of each one. In this mode the EXP switch functions quite differently compared to the other modes. Since all knobs have a similar function, the expression pedal always replaces the DIR 1 knob. The EXP switch is then used to control how many read heads are actually active. You can toggle between 1,2 and 3 active heads which allows some nice dynamics/cool layering.

Holding the secondary stomp down again while your clip is playing will overdub onto the original clip. Tapping the secondary switch will stop playback and reset the clip buffer.

Other features:
The pedal has a mini-usb jack which is accessible by removing the back plate. The goal of this is to allow user end firm-ware upgrades/custom code deliveries etc. There is however no usb functionality under normal use so don't get tooo excited.

In general the sound quality is much improved over the original gb24 and the sampling/loop time is equal, about 8 seconds. However, in the second patch only 4 seconds of sampling time can be used per sample, this allows a new sample to be recorded while the old one is still playing back. Check out the user demos in the playlist below for more sound samples.


  1. Holy schmoly! Scott hath delivered!!!

  2. What kind of memory is used? Would it be possible to upgrade the storage capacity of the pedal?

  3. amazing pedal, great work Scott! how about some other intervals in the "musical" modes... minor 3rd, whole step? Thanks!!!

  4. Ted Kumpel! Aaaaah the mind quickly spins back to Heidi in Pittsburgh...

    Oh yeah, pedals! I want a Count to Five so damned bad!!! (Ted doesn't need one, he got to experience Heidi)

  5. Straight from Scott to the collectors' market:

  6. I don't know why you are so cool because your pedal is weird, magnificent and totally bring alive all my dreams.
    How it is possible? Indeed human creativity and ingenuity break limits!
    Really nice product and thank you.

  7. Where can I get one of theese?

  8. Hi, I have a question.... Playing with the values for 'reading speed' of the 'virtual heads', I could not set a 5th. The values seem to be discrete. It seems values go directly from b5th to 6th.

    Did I something wrong (my go to choices would be octave up and down, and 4th and 5th in both directions.

    Thanks in advance.

  9. How long till new firmware for old pedals?

  10. When is the next batch shipping? I paid my deposit back in February. Just curious. Thanks!

  11. Hi Scott, any update on the new firmware for older models? Would love to get Transcendence mode on my rev. J!

  12. Hi, I'd love to buy a Count to Five! How do I do it? Thanks!

  13. Hope all is well. I'm having an issue with the Count To 5 I recieved from you last Month. Let me tell you first that I loooove the pedal. Thanks so much for coming up with it. I have been messing about with it for I think maybe 3 hours in total and now the pedal does something wierd. It's pulsating very loud and low frequencies. I've got it powered with an Boss PSA 230V adapter and it worked just fine, but now also the LED light on it pulsates if I turn it on. Same thing if I hook it up to an isolated channel of my powerbrick (250mA, 9V). I've emailed you about it but am waiting for a reply. Thanks!

  14. @Ronald Van Berkel
    If you are still ahving problems you can send it in.Please see the returns page here. THanks


  15. Please more Count to Five!! I want to buy one!!

  16. Hi, I like to purchase one of your count to five delay pedals. What is the process? Is there a waiting list? If so, do I need to send a deposit? Thank you in advance,

  17. Can I run the CT5 at 12 or 18 volts, or does it have I stay at 9? Thanks.

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  19. Any idea if/when you might make some more CT5's? I missed this last batch and am so very sad....

  20. Just updated my K and 2-switch CT5s today and I put both on the board sandwiching a Ditto Looper x4. Craziness ensued.

    I do have a pretty pretty please request for a future Quantization mode - TIME STRETCH, but without the pitch shift - not talking about a perfectly clean time stretch... more like a stuttering time stretch with those shaky artifacts . :)

  21. Hey Scott,

    I've send back my malfunctioning count to 5 pedal and according to DHL you received it on the 23rd of September. Could you email me back with the status please?

  22. I'm currently selling a Rev i on eBay UK -->

  23. Please make more of these so I can give you my money.

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  25. Hi there,
    what kind of expression pedal should I use?
    TS and/or TRS plug and which Ohm value (range)?
    I'm sorry if this has been asked and answered before but I couldn't find the question or the info anywhere.

  26. Hi I am looking forward changing the knobs caps to add color. Would usual DJ Techtools Super Knob cap work ?

  27. What is the jack input on the side?
    Is it an input for an external tap-tempo?
    I would like to know if it can be synced to an external Tap.
    Thank you.

  28. Hi! How can I buy one of these beauties?

  29. Can the expression pedal input accept CV?

  30. i need one but still out of stock. :( help scott!

  31. ah want one very badly :0 :0 :0

  32. I did read that Scott said they are finished the next batch, and are in testing stage. That was late July.
    So hopefully a August roll out !!!
    Saw one for sale on eBay for 399 pounds/$518US.... thought I'm not paying that much... but when it sold, a little sadness, like have I missed out on one of these amazing pedals .

  33. Don't buy for inflated prices second hand. Those people are jerks. I waited six months for my CT5, ordered it straight from Scott, and I'm so so happy I did. I absolutely cherish the thing, and I enjoy it all the more for not giving in to 'pedal touts'.

  34. Yeah so right.
    So their out now, the email for Scott saying the count to five is out..
    Brought mine yes!!!
    And half the price for what the guy for selling it on eBay for..
    Yep it was worth waiting for ...
    Quick lads if you want one they don't last long.. but no pressure haha

  35. Arrrrrrrgh! Can't believe I missed them. When I got the email, I was out in vacation. I thought I would buy one when I get back, but they're all gone :-(
    I guess I'm gonna have to wait for the next batch.....hope it's gonna be soon.

  36. Hey Scott!
    Im playing the Ct5 with a drum machine and when the pedal is on it boost the signal from it normal?

    It also the boost the signal pn other synths and keys!


  37. Hi Scott!

    I would love to give you my money for this pedal :)

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  40. Just got this and entranced for hours - Love - esp. with new firmware.

    but I can think of one more thing that would make it more useful to play in real time -
    as I play it next to my Hexe Revolver II and imagine performing with it.
    Kind of a 'less is more' option, that I think would make it more useful live, and something I like about the Revolver.

    The range on the "Dir 1" button in Mode 1 and 2 - goes an octave up and down on either end (from reversed to normal)
    If there was a way to just have it go back to the original pitch on each end rather than go up/down the extra octave .
    Then (especially w/ expression pedal) it would really work better and more intuitively in live-time applications to get back to the original sampled pitch and back and forth. Otherwise one has to wing it to get back to that, which isn't easy at all.



  41. So I tried adjusting my expression pedal - which then allowed me to get to 'normal' on that end of the range without going up the extra octave - nice. That works I can futz around the reversed end :)

    Then, for some reason, the feedback knob instead of feeding back on Mode 2, brings up the pitch - which it doesn't do without the pedal in. So many interesting quirks!

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  44. Hi I love this pedal!
    A couple of things I’m not sure I understand:
    In mode 3 - how do I get the first playback to be identical to what I recorded.
    E.g. I record a phrase and then release the secondary foot switch and then I want the first playback to be identical (no pitch or other change). ?
    And also in mode 1 when setting the knobs in identical positions to previous times, I’m getting different results. In between I have played around with mode 2 and 3. Are things that I am doing in mode 2 and 3 remembered when I switch back to mode 1- how would I make sure that mode 1 knobs always produce same result?

  45. @Joel Goodman
    the easiest way to do this is set teh pedal to a quantized mode that isnt free/no quantization. then you can find the unison position easily, it is around 2 o clock. Then just record and the playback will be the same as you recorder.

    Mode 2 or 3 do not influence the result of mode 1 unless you have transcendence on, bu tin this case i think it would be obvious what mode 2 and 3 have contributed.

    You should get similar results in mode 1 if the knobs do not change.


  46. I’ve only had a few hours with the Count to 5. I’m absolutely blown away by what this effects pedal can do. Hands down one of the most well thought out pedal I’ve played. Way more musical than I imagined.

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