Count to five versions

Revision differences and terminology:

For the most part all models function similarly, however, there are some slight differences between the multiple revisions that have shipped over the last year and a half. For the purposes of this manual we will refer to the original 2 toggle switch models as "rev h/i", the first  3 toggle switch model "rev j" and the latest 3 switch model as "rev k".

Rev h/i is easy to identify since it has only 2 toggle switches.
Rev j and k can be differentiated by the back plate. Rev j uses the large number 5 to finish the date "2015" where as rev k has 2016 where 201 was, but looks otherwise similar. Of course someone could switch a back plate so if you really really want to be sure you can remove the backplate and on the main pcb you will see text "xyz rev X" where X is h, i, j or k.
Rev h/i - 2 toggle switch (missing "Q" switch)
Rev j - 3 toggle switch (has new "Q" switch)


Ethan Boyle said...


I bought the count to 5 back in August 2017, the back plate has the 2017 engraving. I notice your description of the different versions doesn't specify which version that is.

Can you clarify? Is it version "L", I'm seeing the version you have listed as L has the 2016 engraving.

Let me know, thanks!

Alex Lappano said...

Mine is the same, I believe its a lower case L on the PCB, this must be version 'L' I assume? It was purchased in the most recent batch maybe a month or two ago.