Tuesday, November 15, 2016

minor firmware update 0.963 for CT5 revision k and l

This minor update fixes a bug in mode 1. No new features are added.

Relevant links:
Firmware release 0.963 for rev k,l 
Installation Instructions

Bug fix Mode 1:
Turning on modulation in Mode 1 via the LEN B knob (Q switch down, turn LEN B) introduced some artifacts in the audio depending on it's resting position. This has been fixed. This bug was not present in 0.96 but was introduced in version 0.962

To enable modulation hold down the Q switch in Mode 1. Turning FBK will control the depth of the modulation (cCW = no depth, CW = Max Depth). Turning LEN B controls the speed (CCW = slowest speed, CW = fastest speed). On power up both speed and depth are set to their minimum values.

Special thanks to TM for reporting this issue.