Monday, October 10, 2016

Recent FAQ

Here are some updates to FAQs

Will you make more 856 for ZELLERSASN pedals?
Yes, we are working on more. We will hopefully have them in December.

Will you make more count to 5 pedals?
Yes, we should have more available by the end of the week (~Oct 14). We will announce it to the mailing list as soon as they are in the store.

Will you make more your and you're?
Yes, should have more available by the end of the week as well, if not we will have some the following week.

Can i prepay/pre order any pedal?
No, sorry but we do not do pre orders anymore. The best way to know when we have stock is to check the store and/or sign up for the newsletter.

Will you be re releasing any of the "retired" designs?
Some may get revamped eventually, but there is not much in the works at the moment for making that happen. We have a few other simple designs scheduled to come out before the end of the year so it is unlikely any of the retired designs will get made again in 2016.

Do you ship to (insert country here)?!?
We are able to ship to almost anywhere worldwide including Europe, Russia, South east Asia, Australia, South America etc. I have yet to have an order from someone who lived somewhere we could not ship.

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