Friday, April 29, 2016

Jan/feb/march/april pre order now shipping

We are now taking balance payments and shipping pedals from the pre order that opened Jan 23 2016 and closed ~ April 12 2016.

You can make payment at the webstore by checking out with the "Count to five balance payment" item. We also have a few blems available for 25 dollars off. You can check out the details in the "Count to five balance blem" item.

I have sent an email to everyone with a pre order, however if you did not get it you can read any fine print from that email below.

1) The shipping address you use now for the "balance" payment is the shipping address it will go to. Please take a moment to make sure it is correct. The address used for the "pre order" item will be ignored, so if you moved since then or want to use a different address, all you have to do is put the address you want it to go in the checkout info for the balance payment.

2) **Canadians/Canadian addresses ONLY** have the option to pay in CAD via interac e transfer. We offer the median exchange rate as found on At this moment 175 USD is 219.60 CAD. To pay with this method please send an interac e transfer to me directly at, do not use paypal. Please include the tictail order number of you pre order in the e transfer comments. If you prefer to use paypal you must pay in USD, in which case just follow the web store check out as usual.

3)We will begin shipping on Monday May 2. As there are several hundred units to ship, not all the units will ship in one day, however we will do our best to ship everything ASAP. I expect it to take about 2 weeks to send out all the packages. You will receive notification with tracking number (if applicable) within 24 hours of when you order ships.

4)If you cannot pay the balance immediately please don't sweat it. We will hold your pedal for at least several weeks and contact you if we do not have any payment then. We are quite flexible on the timing of the balance payment.

EDIT: 5)If you want to pickup the pedal in person that is also OK. In this case you can either pay online and select Canadian shipping (free) OR pay cash (Canadian currency only) in person. Please email me in advance to arrange coming to the studio.

Please contact me directly at or post in the comments if you have any questions.



david in bama said...
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Scott said...

i am about 75% shipped.


Javier Adán said...

Hi Scott, any news on the shipment? I didnt get any email eith a tracking number or any info. I sent you some emails...not sure if you got them.
Thank you

Julien Crampon said...
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Julien Crampon said...

Bonjour Scott

J ai précommandé une CT5 en janvier et j ai finit le payement et la commande le 29 avril.
Le reçu m informait que la livraison devait prendre entre 5 et 10 jours.
Ça fait maintenant 15 jours et je n ai tjs rien.
Je voulais m assurer que ces délaies sont normaux ?
Merci !
Julien crampon

Scott said...

@Julien Crampon

Your pedal has shipped. If you did not receive an email from the store please check your spam folder.

For anyone else who may be waiting we have about 100 units to go and should be done by the end of this week.


david in bama said...
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Julien Crampon said...

Thanks it's here and it's realy cool!
Thanks lot