Thursday, December 25, 2014

Holiday season

I am currently out of town for the holidays. All emails will be responded to, but maybe not until Jan 2, 2015.

FAQ response: 
Is the CT5 still available?
Yes but the lead time right now is about 1 month for new orders.

What is the price?
The price is 200 USD + 15 USD shipping in North America, 30 USD anywhere else. Canadian customers can pay an equivalent amount in CAD currency.

If I am local to the Montreal area can I pick it up and avoid shipping?

What are the power requirements:
9V DC Negative tip (like common boss etc...) 80 mA.

What expression pedals work?
Most expression pedals work, it needs to be TRS setup with tip being the wiper. 10k/100k/1M pots all work. M-audio, Moog, Boss and other companies all make cheap expression pedals that will work.

Happy holidays.


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