Thursday, December 25, 2014

Holiday season

I am currently out of town for the holidays. All emails will be responded to, but maybe not until Jan 2, 2015.

FAQ response: 
Is the CT5 still available?
Yes but the lead time right now is about 1 month for new orders.

What is the price?
The price is 200 USD + 15 USD shipping in North America, 30 USD anywhere else. Canadian customers can pay an equivalent amount in CAD currency.

If I am local to the Montreal area can I pick it up and avoid shipping?

What are the power requirements:
9V DC Negative tip (like common boss etc...) 80 mA.

What expression pedals work?
Most expression pedals work, it needs to be TRS setup with tip being the wiper. 10k/100k/1M pots all work. M-audio, Moog, Boss and other companies all make cheap expression pedals that will work.

Happy holidays.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Count to five video from Knobs

Take a moment to check out the amazing Ct5 demo vid, as well as other great demos of cool effects by Knobs! This guy is coming up with some outstanding work, show some support and subscribe to his channel.

In other news..

keep on truckin.....