Thursday, December 25, 2014

Holiday season

I am currently out of town for the holidays. All emails will be responded to, but maybe not until Jan 2, 2015.

FAQ response: 
Is the CT5 still available?
Yes but the lead time right now is about 1 month for new orders.

What is the price?
The price is 200 USD + 15 USD shipping in North America, 30 USD anywhere else. Canadian customers can pay an equivalent amount in CAD currency.

If I am local to the Montreal area can I pick it up and avoid shipping?

What are the power requirements:
9V DC Negative tip (like common boss etc...) 80 mA.

What expression pedals work?
Most expression pedals work, it needs to be TRS setup with tip being the wiper. 10k/100k/1M pots all work. M-audio, Moog, Boss and other companies all make cheap expression pedals that will work.

Happy holidays.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Count to five video from Knobs

Take a moment to check out the amazing Ct5 demo vid, as well as other great demos of cool effects by Knobs! This guy is coming up with some outstanding work, show some support and subscribe to his channel.

In other news..

keep on truckin.....

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

fewtility one

green grips and a mixer/splitter:

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Finished up the positive distortions. Really nice dynamic sounding od. I have a small number of extras available on the new positives pedal page on the right. Still waiting on the boards for count to five...

Saturday, April 5, 2014


I tried to do a mock up for a 'eurorack' style modular holder/case that doesn't cost much. For this I just used wood from the garbage, which is probably less than ideal but is free and great for prototyping. I used the cnc to cut the three main pieces out of half inch ply. It's probably better to go with MDF or at least five-eighths ply since the half inch seemed a bit warped. For the rails I used a straight-ish piece of three quarter ply cut with a jigsaw to the appropriate length and then manually drilled some pilot holes for the screws to avoid it splitting when adding the walls of the case. The next step is to use the cnc to put pilot holes in the rails themselves and figure out the power supply situation.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Some updates...

I had wanted to try out oshpark for something, just to get a reference as to how long it actually takes to get something delivered back to Canada. So I made a small smd version of the hotcake fuzz as per the vintage version with a switch instead of a tone knob. Result: It took just under 3 weeks from ordering for it to show up.

Anyway. So here that is, seems like OSH is a good deal for small boards, but if you look up how much 100sq inches costs at say silver circuits or gold phoenix, it doesn't take that big a board for the price to become pretty competitive (for 2 sided). But for now I am just doing some simple boards to practice a bit more with PCB design and get quicker at it as well as the workflow from idea to product. The next boards are already on the way for a simple mixer/splitter then who knows.

Trying to get a bit more creative with the engraving/powder coating scheme/faster with cam software which was a bit foreign to me until this year. This one is a picture of a tree but I did not paint it yet.

And hey what happened to Count to five? Don't worry, It is still happening for sure, the patches all worked out pretty nicely. Actual demo actually soon.

And also I finally got my final Thesis submission approved so time to get cracking on some other longer term goals. I have been working with a friend a bit on some devices using the STM32 series mcu's instead of PIC32 over the last 2 months. Although I don't have much problem with PIC, I am just trying to broaden my embedded expertise. I am also doing a project using PSOC 4 from Cypress which is a pretty neat platform. So there may be a few random things soon that aren't exactly pedals but still related to music gear some way.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2014 finally! // count to five proto

Here's a grown up version of the goodbye 24 pedal, probably called "count to five", shown sporting the smurf color scheme. The pedal is similar in some ways to the gb24 except it has 3 main 'modes' and is generally more flexible/higher fidelity. There should be some sound clips later this week. Also finally mucking with the CNC I got last year (better late than never).