Saturday, June 8, 2013

gb24 update etc...

bit of an update... I had made more pcbs for the original gb24 (top pcb) but about a week later decided to upgrade it instead. New boards arrived today (bottom pcb) that will hopefully do the same thing in pretty hifi digital (100 khz 24 bit codec) and with about 7-8 seconds of looping instead of 2. Still testing the board so the release of more gb24s is temporarily delayed. UPDATE: and the new board is bit screwy so I just changed the original design to have 8s delay and that is what is shipping now. Hopefully fix this problem soon though.
PCB for the new NA is also designed and substantial improvements over the original design have been made. Its been designed into the 'prism I' enclosure from this place.

Also finally got a chinese cnc'ish machine (sliders soon i hope.)

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Mårhus said...

Awesome! Looking forward to it