Saturday, January 22, 2011

total bad vibez preview

Heres a short video on the vibrato i was working on. I have also added a page for this project in the index.


David Rainger said...

That's really impressive. The 'triangle' wave is a square wave, surely?! I've been wanting to make a square wave vibrato for ages - sounds very 'futuristic' to me... That knob on the left (emphasis?) is great when you hear it in action. Will you do any demos with guitar?

Scott said...

it depends how you think of it. if you imagine a tape, and the position of the playback head is whats being modulated to create the vibrato sound, then the position is being modulated by a triangle wave which results in the creation of 2 distinct playback rates ( one when the ramp is going up, and one when the ramps going down), hence sounds square.

i will do some guitar demos when i actually finish a few. thanks for the feedback.