Tuesday, October 20, 2009

red llama clone

This is the last of the left over boards from a workshop long ago... Built for a friend. Its sort of a mix between the anderton hexfuzz and the red llama. I think the red llama doesn't actually have the additional overdrive switch, but it uses different 'tone' caps than the hexfuzz.

This is sort of the best of both worlds with the switch implemented in stop form and a red/green led to indicate which mode your in.

From the waves you can see the regular overdrive is asymmetrical and a bit soft. IT sounds not bad. People seem to like it.

Heres the led... one button is bypass and one is the 'mode' of the overdrive... knobs are volume and gain.

Heres a look at the signal... order is something like clean, low gain, play with gain knob, play with volume knob, change to high gain/low gain/off etc...


Aaron said...

I wanna see what fax machine looks like on the oscilloscope. :)

Scott said...

it looks like this

when it is not glitching out anyways... maybe i will make a better video now that i can capture the sound at the same time.