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Friday, July 1, 2016

New firmware 0.96 for rev k, l boards

In this update I tried to experiment a bit more with some new features in mode 1. Mode 3 also has some new questionable features. Visual feedback was added to help selecting Q modes. Some minor bugs were fixed.

Only the changes below are implemented. If it is not in the list then it is not in the firmware update. This file will only work on rev k or l boards.

Relevant links:
Firmware release 0.96 for rev k,l 
Installation Instructions
Quick 1 page reference card for firmware 0.96k

All modes: changing Q mode will cause the LED to blink white for a short period. When the Q mode selected is the non-quantized setting, the LED will blink for a longer period. This way you can know where in the list of Q modes you are more easily. In total there are 6 Q modes so you should have 5 short blinks and one long blink every 6 taps of the Q switch.

Mode 1:
Holding the soft footswitch no longer allows you to adjust the low pass filter. Instead hold Q down and turn DIR 1 to access this feature. Holding the soft switch down for a long period currently has no effect in mode 1.

With Q down you can also now activate a sinusoidal LFO to modulate DIR 1. The frequency can be adjusted by turning LEN B and the depth can be adjusted with FBK. To disable the LFO simply turn FBK fully CCW with Q held down (depth of zero = no effect). The LFO is relatively slow and subtle, this is the range I prefer. It may be tweaked in future firms.

With Q up you can adjust 2 parameters of a trigger which causes the read head to move a certain distance away from the write head when the amplitude of the input signal breaks a certain threshold. DIR 1 adjusts the sensitivity/threshold level of the trigger, CCW makes it more sensitive (lower amplitude required to break the threshold). Fully CW turns off the trigger. LEN B will adjust the relative distance the read head is placed after a trigger event (in the positive direction). When a trigger event occurs the LED will flash white briefly, this should help you adjust the sensitivity level. The LED will stay white while input is above threshold. The trigger is generated at the moment the LED turns white. No further triggers are generated while the LED is white. At power up the trigger is disabled, the distance is one half LEN B.

Regardless of Q position or sensitivity level, tapping the soft footswitch can also be used to generate a trigger and move the read head the specified distance away. This way you do not actually have to play to cause a trigger or if you want to trigger on a softer note than the trigger level requires, you can tap and play at the same moment.

The expression pedal can only be used to adjust the 3 default parameters (Q in middle position). To adjust the parameters which require Q to be pushed up or down, you must use the physical knob on the pedal, regardless of E position or whether or not an expression pedal is plugged in.

Mode 2:
No changes.

Mode 3:
With Q up you can now step modulate DIR 1, 2, 3. The steps are random, but are also affected by the quantizer, so for example if you are in the whole tone quantization then you will get only  random whole tone settings.  DIR 1 will control the tempo, DIR 2 the variance and DIR 3 sets how many of the playback heads are affected by the step sequencer. From fully CCW to ~1/4 of the range no heads are affected (sequencer is off), from 1/4 to noon only DIR 3 is affected, noon to 3/4 DIR 2 and 3, and past 3/4 DIR 1, 2, 3 are stepped. At power up the sequencer is disabled. To enable it hold Q up and rotate FBK CW.

The loops are not reset when a step occurs so this tends to make things somewhat rhythmically incoherent, but can be interesting with more droney or vocal loops. For best results try to play something in a key similar to the quantization style.

Other bug fixes:
Bug: when flipping from Mode 2 to Mode 1 with no loop playing and transcendence on, the buffer lengths in Mode 1 would be incorrect. This has been fixed and now seems to work as expected.

Bug: DIR 1 does not achieve exactly 2x forward speed in non-quantized mode. This has been adjusted.