Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Recent FAQ

Because I am a quite behind on emails from the last several weeks, here is a FAQ that will answer the majority of the questions. I will still answer all emails in time, hopefully by mid next week. You are not being ignored, however I am facing a large volume of emails so please be patient.

I have not received shipping notification yet?!
We have shipped all the orders so if you did not get notification or a pedal, please send an email with your order number.

When will you open more pre orders?!
It's not likely that there will be more pre orders for the count to five pedal, however, we are making more and they will eventually be available directly through our store. We should have some available by the end of July. You can also sign up for the newsletter to receive updates regarding the companies activity.

I received my Ct5 unit but i don't understand how to...?!#$?!
Please check out the ct5 manual page. If you still have questions please post them in the comments section of the manual page. Another good place to ask questions is the ilf megathread.

I received my unit but the "Q" switch is broken!!@@!
The Q switch is momentary, unlike M and E. Please read the manual above to see what it is supposed to do and if you feel it is still broken please read the next question below. Mechanically it is not the same as M or E, this is completely normal.

I received my unit but it is not working OR I already had one but now it is malfunctioning
Please see our new returns information page.

I already have a unit in for repair, when will it come back??!!
All outstanding repairs should be processed in the next two weeks.

I paid shipping twice, once on the pre order and once on the balance payment, how can I get refunded??!!
I have started refunding people who paid shipping twice but am still going through all the payments. If you feel this applies to you and you have not yet received a refund please do not hesitate to email me.

What is the latest ct5 board revision? what are the differences?!?
The most recent board is rev l. There is no major hardware change between rev k and rev l. We shipped just under 600 units this run, ~150 were rev k, the rest are rev l. Again, there is no significant difference between the k and l board revisions.

Can you please give me more info regarding 856 for ZELLERSASN?!???
We will announce more info when we have some ready to sell. Hopefully within the next 30 days. There is also a small amount of info in this thread.

What happened to the international non-tracked shipping option?!?
While up to the most recent run we did not have any issues with this service, we have now had several people reporting longer than usual delivery times and/or non delivered packages. So we have stopped offering it to clients as it seems to have become unreliable.

Do you ship to (insert country here)?!?
We are able to ship to almost anywhere worldwide including Europe, Russia, South east Asia, Australia, South America etc. I have yet to have an order from someone who lived somewhere we could not ship.