Sunday, December 30, 2007

Microphone Repair

About 6 months ago I bought a box of broken mics of someone in Toronto while I was working in Vaughan. The only real notable mic is probably the ATM11 which had battery acid all over the inside, and also broken wires connecting the transformer to the battery compartment.

There is also an AKG D1000 but is is missing the xlr piece and will most likely be impossible to find.

There were a pair of "Univox" mics but the stickers are put on rather poorly. I am unable to find a picture of what these mics should look like to compare but I suspect they are not univox, and that they are something else with univox stickers or univox mics re housed? They were also wired incorrectly. The cold wire of the cartridge was wired to chasis ground (pin 1 on an xlr) which is the reason they didn't work.

There is an SM58 fake by "shs" and 3 "voice-craft" which were originally advertised to me over the phone as "electro-voice" (wishful thinking). If you ever want to see an extremely detailed spec sheet take a look at this.

The shure BG 2.0's also look somewhat decent and have a much more sophisticated cartridge with some sort of shock mount. The spec sheet is here.